The mission of the Foundation is to strive to maintain the success of the hospice tradition in Cleveland County by supporting efforts to help people lead healthy, productive lives and experience peaceful, dignified deaths. We seek to ensure that all people – especially those with the fewest resources – have access to the opportunities they need to succeed in school and in life. The Foundation operates exclusively for charitable and educational purposes and will carry out this purpose in Cleveland County and nearby communities. The Foundation’s focus is to close the gap of inequality in our community through the distribution of financial grants to local nonprofits.

We value stewardship, integrity, compassion, respect, service, and leadership. For more information on Foundation grant opportunities, please contact [email protected] or 704-751-1533.

Deadlines for Submitting Completed Applications:

  • January 1
  • April 1
  • July 1
  • October 1

Tax exempt organizations may submit one request per fiscal year using the online application process.

Geographic Priority – Cleveland County and surrounding communities

Hospice Cleveland County Foundation does not

  • Make grants or loans to individuals
  • Make loans to charitable organizations
  • Respond to mass mailings
  • Purchase advertising
  • Donate to political causes, candidates, organizations, or campaigns
  • Purchase dinners, galas, or raffle tickets.
  • Provide funds to organizations that use their tax exempt status to make those funds available to non-eligible organizations

Cleveland County Non-Profit Directory

Did you know? There are hundreds of non-profit organizations in Cleveland County! 

Cleveland County Non-Profit DirectoryA “one stop” directory identifying non-profit organizations operating within Cleveland County. To update directory information, please contact [email protected] or 704-751-1533.

Non-Profit Directory